Denver Broncos under immense pressure with alternate uniforms

The Denver Broncos are under tremendous pressure with their impending unveiling of a new helmet...

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos are set to unveil a new helmet on July 25, and the more other NFL teams are releasing about their upcoming alternate uniforms or uniform changes in 2023, the more pressure the Denver Broncos find themselves under.

As in, this had better be good.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are bringing out the beloved creamsicle uniforms in 2023:

The Minnesota Vikings are bringing back an awfully good-looking throwback uniform in 2023:

The Cleveland Browns unveiled their version of a white helmet look for 2023, a look which also looks extremely clean:

On Wednesday, the Seattle Seahawks debuted their "new" throwback look, a classic 90s look that has the entire NFL world buzzing:

We haven't officially seen them yet, but the Philadelphia Eagles are also bringing back their Kelly Green uniforms this season. Needless to say, the aesthetic of the 2023 NFL season is going to be up there with the best we've ever seen in terms of the uniform selections teams are making. Once again, the Denver Broncos don't have any room to screw this one up.

The Broncos appear to be releasing a white helmet. That much is obvious at this point. The question now is -- what uniform is the white helmet going to be paired with? In an ideal world, the Broncos would pair these white helmets with an alternate white version of their color rush uniform. Since the helmet has to be worn with an alternate uniform and can be worn up to twice per season, having the white option would make a lot of sense and wouldn't be difficult for the Broncos.

A couple of things to note. If the Broncos are planning on doing an alternate color rush uniform, that already has to have been approved by the league long ago. This isn't something they can just change course on now that they've seen the great uniforms other teams are releasing. This would already have to have been in the works. Another thing is that based on that graphic, the only two options would be on the far right. The Broncos have seemingly revealed this will feature a white facemask.

The most likely option among those design concepts is on the bottom right because the Broncos have also teased the bigger orange stripe down the center of the helmet flanked by navy stripes.

This is simply something the Denver Broncos cannot get wrong. That option looks extremely clean, and not that any popularity contest matters, but the intentionality behind uniform re-designs does matter. The Broncos certainly have bigger fish to fry in terms of winning football games. That is the primary objective in 2023. But nobody said you have to look ugly doing so.

The Broncos wore the atrocious combination of their blue pants with the white uniform tops last year, and it nearly drove me insane. The team has had the same uniforms since 1997 at this point, which is fine, but the color rush alternate was a breath of fresh air and a very nice blend of the two most recent eras of Denver Broncos football.

The Broncos could have gone to the league and gotten their beloved uniforms from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s approved by the league to wear in 2023, but they didn't do that. They decided to take the risk of having the first white helmet in franchise history. That's a decision I'm completely okay with, even if it means sacrificing seeing the team wear those gorgeous alternates from way back when.


But what I'm not okay with is force-feeding a new white helmet onto an all-orange uniform. It would look hideous. It would be the worst fashion mistake in the entire NFL this offseason, and have you seen the Cardinals' new uniforms?

Putting white helmets on top of the orange color rush uniforms would be a massive mistake, and it's one the Denver Broncos simply cannot make. Hopefully, they unveil an all-white alternate color rush uniform to go with these helmets. If not, there will be some serious backlash from the NFL community.

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