Denver Broncos top 4 worst uniform decisions the last 20 years

The Denver Broncos have not "changed" their uniforms since 1997, but there have been some bad modifications and uniform decisions over the last 20 years.

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The last time the Denver Broncos got new uniforms was in the 1997 season, and those uniforms are the ones an entire generation grew up with as fans of the franchise. The Broncos are gearing up for their most significant uniform modification in quite some time ahead of the 2023 season, adding a white helmet for the first time in franchise history.

There has already been a lot of speculation about what the helmets could look like, what uniforms they could go with, and what other modifications could be on the way for the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos have teased a white facemask with the new helmet announcement, but one thing they have not teased at this point is a white color rush uniform to go along with the white helmet. Though, obviously, many are hopeful that will ultimately be the case.

The thought of adding this white helmet with anything but a white uniform got me thinking about some of the worst fashion faux pas in recent Denver Broncos history. Over the last 20 years, the team has made a variety of unthinkable mistakes when it comes to their uniforms, and I'm here to call them out. Let's look at four, in particular.

4 worst uniform mistakes by the Denver Broncos in the last 20 years

4. Low hanging fruit: The brown and yellow eye sores

Back in the 2009 season, the Denver Broncos celebrated their 50th anniversary as a franchise with some throwback uniforms. Instead of wearing their best throwback uniforms, they decided to wear their first and absolute worst.

You can't be too critical. These uniforms were designed back in 1960 and whoever was designing them clearly was going after a Fall palette.

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These uniforms were even worse when contrasted side-by-side against the New England Patriots' glorious throwback uniforms, perfect in almost every way. I get what the Broncos were doing here, but these uniforms were terrible. Luckily, they were able to beat the Patriots while wearing them, otherwise the memory of these would be more of a nightmare than anything else.

Unfortunately, it does get worse than this for the Broncos. As I stated, this is the low-hanging fruit. This is not the worst fashion crime made by the Denver Broncos in the last 20 years. There are a few that top it.