Broncos can't have a helmet reveal as bad as the Lions

The Denver Broncos are supposed to unveil a new white helmet in 2023. Hopefully their reveal is not as bad as the Detroit Lions, whose new helmet fell flat.
Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

There's nothing that brings fans together quite like outrage over uniforms, is there? The Detroit Lions released a new helmet design for this coming season, and obviously, the design of the logo on the helmet was met with a ton of opposition.

The logo on the helmet is a retro logo for the Lions and that's totally fine. But as excited as Lions fans have been for the team to use a blue helmet, the entire logo design here (with the two IIs in the background) just falls horribly flat and makes the helmet much less exciting.

The Lions could have just thrown their 90s logo in silver on this helmet and it would have been a glorious aesthetic. Seeing the outrage over this Detroit Lions helmet has made me even more nervous about the Denver Broncos eventually unveiling their white helmets for this coming season.

I don't know that there's any sort of deadline for revealing what these new helmets look like, but the Broncos revealed that they would be unleashing a white helmet this "Fall".

There have been plenty of ideas and theories floated around by fans about what uniform this helmet is going to go with. It could be the color rush uniforms or it could be the away uniforms. The most likely answer would seem to be the away uniform since that uniform is already all white and the color rush uniform is all orange.

Unless the team is planning on possibly creating some kind of alternate white color rush uniform for the season and is only teasing the helmet, it seems like we'll get a white helmet with the white road uniform at some point. The Broncos could wear those at home this season at some point, should they choose to do so.

At any rate, the more stuff that gets released regarding NFL teams and their uniforms, the scarier it is to think about what the Denver Broncos are going to be putting together. Team president Damani Leech has certainly heard the fans' opinions about wanting to see throwback uniforms and there are potential permanent uniform changes also in the works.

Again, this is all terrifying. The last thing you want is to be the butt of everyone's uniform jokes in the NFL. Right behind that, one of the last things you want is to have a uniform that's constantly changing, like the Jaguars who can't seem to find something to stick.

Everyone in Broncos Country is eagerly anticipating what the team is going to unveil regarding these white helmets. It's impossible to please everybody, but a white color rush uniform and helmet or a white version of the current helmet would probably be the safest options.

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