Denver Broncos get screwed by the NFL with insanely late Bye Week in 2024 season

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos may have just gotten royally screwed by the NFL with their Bye Week for the 2024 season. According to OzzyNFL, the Denver Broncos Bye Week in 2024 is... get this, in Week 14.

WEEK 14?????

So if my math is correct, that means the team will play 13 games to open up the 2024 NFL Season, have their bye, and then play the remaining four games on their schedule.

Sure, this source could end up being very wrong, but schedule leaks are coming out of every crack and crevice you can think of, and many of them are correct. The Denver Broncos getting a bye this late in the season could be brutal. The Bye Week is certainly something that every team looks forward to, especially with the added-on game to make it a 17-game season.

The NFL is entering its fourth year with the 17-game season, and I do not think they will stop there. At some point, you have to figure that the NFL will implement two bye weeks for the teams, as just one in a reason doesn't seem to be enough. Right now, we do not know the entirety of the Broncos 2024 schedule, but there are leaks everywhere. This original tweet from Ozzy does also have a few other schedule leaks that seem to be the same as coming from other people.

In my opinion, it's best to have the bye right in the middle of the season, as that gives the team an even half of games pre and post-bye. The Broncos have to wait longer than they had originally hoped for their Bye Week in the 2024 NFL Season.

But when Week 14 comes around, Denver could be right in the middle of a playoff race, so having this bye could end up being a huge advantage.