Broncos trade down in 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft

What if the Broncos add multiple picks in the Draft and still address their top priorities?
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The Denver Broncos have a lot of areas they can address in the 2024 NFL Draft, but they might need more picks to do it. We've already taken a look at a wide variety of scenarios for Sean Payton and George Paton, but trading down is sounding better and better every day.

The Broncos have multiple positions of need, and in this mock draft, a wide variety of positions are addressed.

Round 1 - 24th overall pick - Bo Nix, QB Oregon:

As the Draft gets closer, and most free agents get signed, it is more and more likely for Denver to select their next franchise quarterback in the next few weeks. Will they trade up? I think they are monitoring the situation, but the price might be a bit expensive, especially with the lack of top-100 picks the Broncos have. Will they trade down? Trading down to get additional top-100 picks would be the ideal situation for Denver. The thing is that teams like the Raiders (13th overall), and even the Saints (14th overall) or Rams (19th overall) could get the guy the Broncos wanted.

I want the Broncos to trade down and get at least an extra day 2 pick, but if they do not want to risk it and select their guy at 12th overall, I would not mind. In this mock, I have a trade down with Dallas, taking Oregon quarterback Bo Nix.

Trade Down

With this trade, Denver trades down, selects their quarterback, and adds a second-round pick, which they do not have due to the Sean Payton trade. If Denver does not move up and moves down, or stays at 12, Bo Nix is the clear favorite to be the pick, according to multiple sports betting sites.

Not only do betting websites have Nix as the favorite to be the Broncos' draft pick, but multiple analysts think so too. In the latest mock draft round-up, Nix was selected the most times.

Nix fits perfectly in Sean Payton's system, as he is a true pocket passer. Some have even compared him to Drew Brees ...