3 outrageous trades the Broncos would never make but are fun to think about

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Let's have some fun with this piece and conjure up three absolutely insane trade ideas the Denver Broncos could make but would obviously never happen. Let's have some wacky fun. The Broncos' roster, right now, is quite solid from top to bottom.

I do still worry a bit about their overall depth, but there really isn't much more they can do at the moment to bring appreciable improvement. I think when you consider ownership, management, coaching, and roster, the Broncos are one of the most solid overall organizations in the NFL.

And the hope is they keep it that way, obviously. Let's say that the Broncos decided to get crazy and tried to pull off one of three absolutely bonkers trades. What would these (extremely) unrealistic trades look like?

Three outrageous trades the Denver Broncos could try to make (but shouldn't)

outrageous trade

Can you imagine the outrage if the Denver Broncos made this trade? I am trading the likely top four wide receivers on the Broncos' roster to the Minnesota Vikings for a future Hall of Famer in Justin Jefferson, who has nearly 5,000 receiving yards in his first three seasons in the NFL.

Jefferson is objectively the best WR in the NFL and is likely set to sign the richest WR contract in the history of the NFL. And he hasn't exactly been catching passes from an elite passer, although Kirk Cousins is still pretty darn good.

The Broncos' WR core would then look like Jefferson, Marvin Mims Jr, KJ Hamler, and perhaps Jalen Virgil as the top four. The team could obviously add another body to the room like a Jarvis Landry. They could even try to sign DeAndre Hopkins even after trading for Jettas.

This would never happen, and I know it's realistic, so before you come at me, please take that into consideration. This is just for fun!