Pat Surtain II reveals his top 3 wide receivers in the NFL

Pat Surtain vs Justin Jefferson
Pat Surtain vs Justin Jefferson / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Denver Broncos All-Pro and Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Surtain II was a guest this past Thursday (June 15), on the Pat McAfee Show. They talked about a couple of things, but one interesting topic that former NFL Punter Pat McAfee and Broncos CB Patrick Surtain talked about during the interview was -- which are PSII's top 3 wide receivers in the NFL?

Surtain, over his young NFL career, has faced a bunch of good wideouts but has not faced one of the receivers he mentions on his top three (Justin Jefferson). He has faced him in college but not in the pros.

The top 3 wide receivers in the NFL for Patrick Surtain II are:

1. Davante Adams - Raiders
2. Justin Jefferson - Vikings
3. Tyreek Hill - Dolphins

The Denver Broncos will face these three teams in the upcoming season. Raiders - week 1 & 18, Vikings - week 11 (SNF), and Dolphins - week 3. This means that Surtain will face Davante Adams (twice), Justin Jefferson, and Tyreek Hill, his top three wide receivers in the NFL right now.

Surtain was in zone coverage against Davante Adams in last season's walk-off touchdown, when the Broncos lost against the Raiders at home It was not completely Pat's fault. Pat and the Denver Broncos will have the opportunity to get revenge against Adams and the Raiders, at home, week 1. It is the perfect opportunity not only for Surtain to lock down Adams, but for the Broncos to beat the Raiders after six consecutive losses, in Sean Payton's Broncos debut.

Regarding Hill, Surtain will have the chance to cover him one-to-one for the first time in a full game. Hill was on the Chiefs during Surtain's rookie year but he did not cover him for the entire game. Jefferson met up against PSII multiple times in college, during Alabama vs LSU games.

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