Will Jerry Jeudy play in Week 1 vs. Raiders? Gameday updates for Broncos WR

What is Jerry Jeudy's Week 1 status against the Las Vegas Raiders?

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Will Jerry Jeudy be suited up and available to play when the Denver Broncos take on the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday afternoon? At this point, that remains to be seen. Just a couple of weeks ago, Jeudy was carted off the practice field in Denver with a hamstring injury. Now, after what appeared to be a potential month-long injury, Jeudy actually has a chance to play in Week 1.

He's been practicing on a limited basis and has looked good in some of the footage that is making it out of Dove Valley, albeit none of it at "full" speed.

Jerry Jeudy has been limited for Denver Broncos in Week 1 practices

Players with hamstring injuries don't often ramp back up in practice unless they are going to play. There have undoubtedly been instances in the past that I'm likely forgetting, but the majority of guys that I can remember covering with hamstring injuries either did work on the side field at practice while recovering, or they ramped back up at practice when they were going to play.

The reason being -- you don't mess with hamstring injuries. You can't. Hamstring injuries are easily aggravated if not treated properly, or if players return to the field too quickly. The fact that the Broncos are letting Jeudy out there to test his hamstring and practice on a limited basis is an indicator that they at least feel like he has a chance to play on Sunday against the Raiders, but they will obviously be cautious with it.

They can't risk Jeudy going out there against the Raiders and aggravating the injury, not only risking him perhaps leaving the game against Las Vegas early but missing additional time on top of it.

There is obviously inherent risk in "rushing" a guy back, but that decision is also not up to the fan base. A decision like that can look bad in hindsight, of course, but ultimately, it's up to the player themselves as well as the coaching staff and training staff. They have to make an informed, smart decision. There will undoubtedly be fans questioning the decision one way or the other.


If Jerry Jeudy plays against the Raiders, fans will wonder if the team rushed him back (until proven otherwise). If he doesn't play, fans have every right to wonder whether it was necessary to have him test it in practice and get everyone's hopes up. Or why they risked him getting hurt in practice, for that matter.

Certainly, with a hamstring injury and a player who relies on sharp cutting, change of direction, and speed, you want to make sure this guy is fully healthy. We'll see what the Denver Broncos decide as they look to start off 1-0 and with not only a divisional win but an important win in the loaded AFC.

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