Denver Broncos: Realistic expectations for Jerry Jeudy in 2023

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Jerry Jeudy had a breakout 2022 season with the Denver Broncos. What are realistic expectations for him in the 2023 season? I think many are expecting Jerry Jeudy to hit the 1,000 yard mark in 2022, and that's a solid barometer for wide receiver success in the NFL, but it isn't the end all be all, if you will.

Jeudy just barely missed the 1,000 yard mark in 2022 after a very consistent season. Even while enduring three straight seasons of poor QB play, Jeudy has still managed to average 952 yards and four touchdowns over a 17-game season in three years.

He's objectively been a productive wide receiver given the circumstances, and Jeudy being just 24 in his fourth season in the NFL is a huge bonus as well. What could we expect from the former Alamaba product in 2023?

Denver Broncos: Realistic expectations for Jerry Jeudy in 2023

Well, for one, it's clear that Sean Payton is a huge fan of Jeudy, which is awesome. Payton has gotten some serious production out of his wide receivers during his time in New Orleans, which bodes well for Jeudy, who is the most talented receiver on the Denver Broncos.

Here's what Payton had to say about Jeudy recently:

"“He’s explosive. I remember him coming out and certainly seeing film of him playing,” he explained, “Now, having a chance to work directly with him...he’s got extremely loose hips, which allows him to transition well. There’re the nuances of the game, relative to landmarks, and the exactness of the passing game.”"

Sean Payton

When an elite offensive mind talks up a player like this, I tend to think more favorably of said player. It's clear that already, Jeudy is making a difference and is winning the side of Payton, who is likely going to use Jeudy in the same way he used Michael Thomas for years.

But, given that the Denver Broncos are clearly going to be a run-first team, should we expect Jeudy to have a ton of yards in 2023? Where I stand on this might not be as prolific as how others stand. I personally think that Jeudy tops out at around 1,100 yards in 2023. I don't think it's realistic to see Jeudy have more as a wide receiver.

I do think he can have a large chunk of the touchdowns, so I would not be surprised if Jerry Jeudy had six or more TD catches. With Denver heading towards being a run-first team, and them also having a ton of options in the passing game, Jeudy can and will be the WR1, but he may not take up a ton of targets like other top pass catchers across the NFL, and that's OK.

Let's predict that Jeudy catches 80 passes for 1,168 yards and eight touchdowns in 2023. I think that seems realistic.

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