4 potential starting QBs for Broncos in 2024 if team moves on from Russell Wilson

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If the 2023 season goes south and Russell Wilson does not play well enough, the Denver Broncos might decide to cut ties and pursue another passer, but who could that passer be? Wilson could be entering his last year in Denver, and whether or not you believe in him rebounding, it's a truth that needs to be said.

His first season in Denver was perhaps the worst year of his entire football career, but it was also one of the worst years in team history, so it's not like Wilson was the reason for the bad performance in 2022.

Now with Sean Payton running the show and some positive additions on offense, the Broncos should be a better offense, but nothing is guaranteed. If Payton doesn't feel like he wants to continue with Russell Wilson after the 2023 season, Denver might just cut ties with him, but who would take over as the QB in the meantime?

Let's look at four options the replace Russell Wilson in 2024 if the team releases him.

4 potential starting QBs for Broncos in 2024 if team moves on from Russell Wilson
1. Kirk Cousins, 2024 free agent

Could the Broncos end up still signing Kirk Cousins after all? The 2018 offseason was one to remember as Cousins had apparently narrowed his choices down to a few teams, and the Broncos were in that group.

He, unfortunately, did not sign with Denver, so the Broncos pivoted to Case Keenum, who lasted one year in the orange and blue. With the Vikings having a new regime in town and them already parting with some veteran players, Kirk Cousins being a free agent next year might be a way for them to easily move on from the QB.

Sean Payton might be attracted to having Cousins in Denver for a year or two while he figures out a plan to bring a long-term franchise option to the city.