Will the Broncos play on Thanksgiving or Christmas in 2024?

Are the Broncos dodging a bullet here?
Denver Broncos
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Big news for Broncos Country ... The NFL will have two Christmas Day games this upcoming season, and the Denver Broncos will not be one of the four teams playing that day.

Why is this big for Broncos Country? Well if you do not remember...Two years ago, the Denver Broncos were blown out and embarrassed by a Baker Mayfield-led Los Angeles Rams team by a 51-14 score, and last season, Denver lost their playoff hopes by losing to a Bailey Zappe-led New England Patriots team on Christmas Eve.

Do you know who will have a Christmas Day game? Former Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson will have one, and against a tough opponent. Netflix will stream those two games, something new to the NFL.

The two Christmas games for this season are the following ...

  • Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans
  • Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers

With that said, former Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson will have a game on Christmas for a third consecutive season, this time against the Chiefs. He struggled in the previous two with the Broncos. Specifically with the following numbers ...

Against the Rams in 2022:

- 15/27 completions/attempts
- 214 yards
- 1 TD
- 3 interceptions
- Sacked 6 times

Aginst the Patriots in 2023:

- 25/37 completions/attempts
- 238 yards
- 2 touchdowns
- Sacked 5 times

His stats against New England do not look bad on paper, but he took unnecessary sacks while missing on the receivers, in plays that were an important factor for Denver not winning that game.

Denver's matchup for that week (Week 17) is against Joe Burrow and Cincinnati (on the road).

The Broncos are haunted on Christmas, and not having a Christmas game this season is great.

Will the Broncos be playing on Thanksgiving in 2024?

The Denver Broncos also avoided playing on Thanksgiving, so they'll be able to spend the holidays not having any mid-week games to worry about. The Broncos will play a home game that particular week -- the first week in December -- against the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football.

So, no Christmas games this year for the Broncos and no Thanksgiving games. Happy holidays, Broncos Country.