Why the Broncos need to draft a quarterback at 12th overall

It's time for a 1st-round quarterback in Denver

NFL Combine
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The Denver Broncos enter the 2024 NFL Draft with arguably their largest question mark at quarterback since Payton Manning left. The Broncos are widely expected to release Russell Wilson next week, and beyond Wilson, the Broncos are left with Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci in their quarterback room.

Following an AFC Wild Card push that came up short, the Broncos are slated to pick 12th in next month's NFL Draft. The Broncos have multiple positions of need and a top-heavy draft could leave the Broncos with a tough decision to make when the clock rolls over to them. There is no need more pressing for the Broncos than quarterback. The Broncos need to once and for all end their quarterback turmoil and lock in a franchise man. To do that, the Broncos need to draft a quarterback at 12th overall.

For and foremost, the Broncos need a long-term answer at quarterback. As the Broncos have proven multiple times, ineffective quarterback play can prevent a team from reaching the playoffs, despite strong play from the rest of the roster. The Broncos had strong outputs from their receivers and defense last year but fell short when it mattered the most, and can place a good deal of the blame for their failed campaign on the signal caller.

The Broncos have spent almost a decade in quarterback purgatory and can blame several of their losing seasons on bad quarterback play. Wilson has started the most games for a Bronco since Payton Manning retired, and the veteran has missed multiple games in his two-year stint. Until the Broncos can find their answer at quarterback, it is fair to consider their playoff chances minimal.


The Broncos are also at a point where they have been pushing off the decision to spend serious first-round capital on a quarterback, and it has started to rear its ugly head. Since the Broncos can't seem to find their long-term answer in the draft, it forced them into the Russell Wilson mistake, which will then set them back with $85 million in dead cap. It is high time for the Broncos to fully address their quarterback problem, and selecting a quarterback at 12th overall will do just that.

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