Russell Wilson signals the end of his time with Broncos is near

Did Russell Wilson signal the end with the Broncos?

Russell WIlson
Russell WIlson / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Brace yourself, Broncos Country -- the end between the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson may be near.

You don't always have to read into what players are doing on social media as cues about their future with a team, but sometimes, when you know, you know. You know? As we all await the Denver Broncos' decision regarding Wilson's future, it appears as though Wilson is taking care of some "Spring cleaning". He's removed all traces of the Denver Broncos from his Twitter/X profile.

Nowadays in professional sports, a player can do a number of things to signal to fans/media that something might be coming regarding their future with the team. Players will "unfollow" teams. They'll delete all pictures of them wearing that team's gear on Instagram. They'll remove team names from their bio. There are a lot of different things players can do to send little signals, but it's important to remember to take these with a grain of salt.

In this case, however, there maybe something to read into.

We're all awaiting the Denver Broncos' decision on Russell Wilson, which at this point feels like an inevitable conclusion more than a possible outcome. Wilson is almost certainly getting released by Denver. He will almost certainly be a post-June 1 cut designation, although that's unclear at this point based on how the Broncos decide to go about handling his $85 million in dead cap.

Wilson is due $39 million in fully guaranteed money in 2024, and because of offset language in his contract, he will make $39 million regardless of what some other team pays him. That's why the belief right now is that Wilson will accept the veteran minimum of roughly $1.2 million this season and stick the Broncos with the remainder of the bill.

With NFL Free Agency just one week away, the Broncos obviously have to start making some moves this week to not only get cap compliant, but to set up the roster how they want to have it going into the free agency frenzy. There's no way they're going to go into free agency without a resoultion regarding Wilson when they're going to have to likely explain that whole situation to prospective free agents.

Who knows? The Broncos might even be going after quarterbacks in free agency...

The way we heard Sean Payton talk about quarterbacks at the Scouting Combine, and the fact that the Broncos held formal interviews with all the best ones gives us every indication we need. This team is moving on. Russell Wilson sounded like he was moving on in the I AM ATHLETE podcast with Brandon Marshall.


Everyone sounds like they're moving on. Now, Russell Wilson looks like he's indicating via his Twitter/X page that he's moving on. We could be nearing a resolution.

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