Why it's not yet time to panic with the 2023 Denver Broncos

While most of the hope seems to have faded on the 2023 Denver Broncos, it's not quite time to panic yet.

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos
Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

I dug a little in Sean Payton's record as head coach in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints, and it's interesting to see his historical trends as a coach. The Denver Broncos are 0-2 and look like a lost team that hasn't been able to figure out how to win games ever since the 2015 Super Bowl season.

Sean Payton was supposed to bring success and elite head coaching to Mile High, and through two weeks, it's been a lot of the same for the Broncos. This week was the same crap we've seen from the team, just a different style. In Week 1, the offense hardly had any drives and only put up 16 points, and even though the defense didn't have their best day last week, they still held the Las Vegas Raiders to 17 points.

Well, in Week 2, that was flipped. The Denver Broncos' offense was able to get going and put up 33 points, but the defense gave up an 18-point lead and allowed a very young and ripe quarterback to lead the Washington Commanders to 35 points. It's clear that the defense is a huge issue for Denver, but not all hope is lost yet.

I went back and tallied the wins and losses from Sean Payton during his September tenure, because the very beginning of the season may not always be seen as the true direction of the team. In September, Sean Payton is 27-23 as a head coach, which is a .540 winning percentage. It's a good, not great record.

However, in October, things change. Sean Payton's record in October as a head coach is a whopping 44-14. That's a winning percentage of .759, a clear jump from his September record. His record in November is right in between his September and October record, so that's worth mentioning, too.

I say all of that to say that historically, Payton seems to turn it on, if you will, as the season goes on. We'll see if this trend from Sean Payton holds with the Denver Broncos. In October, Denver plays the Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs twice, and the Green Bay Packers.

Well, based on Payton's October winning percentage, the Broncos winning four games I suppose would not be out of the question. Well, if Denver did win four games in October, they'd be 4-3 without considering the result of their game against the Miami Dolphins in Week 3.

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Should we still hold onto hope?