Who are the Denver Broncos free agents in 2024?

An early look at the players scheduled for free agency in 2024

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The Denver Broncos are coming off of an 8-9 season in the first year under new head coach Sean Payton. After starting 1-5, the Broncos closed out the year with a respectable 7-4 record over their final 11 games but were unable to reach the postseason with some missed opportunities late in the year.

This is a team that will undoubtedly take on a number of major changes yet again in 2024, including the potential departure of key players on both sides of the ball through free agency.

Let's take a look at every free agent on this roster in 2024 and discuss some of the more prominent names.

Denver Broncos 2024 Free Agents


  • Lloyd Cushenberry III, C (starter)
  • Adam Trautman, TE (starter)
  • Cam Fleming, OL
  • Michael Burton, FB (starter)
  • Wil Lutz, K (starter)
  • Quinn Bailey, OL (Restricted Free Agent)


  • Josey Jewell, LB (starter)
  • PJ Locke, S
  • Jonathan Harris, DL (starter)
  • Mike Purcell, DL
  • Justin Strnad, LB
  • Fabian Moreau, CB (starter)
  • K'Waun Williams, CB
  • Jonas Griffith, LB (Restricted Free Agent)

It's not as expansive of a list of free agents as you will typically see in a given year, but that's largely due to the fact that the Broncos didn't have to sign a bunch of players to one-year deals during the season due to injury. This list is a testament to that.

When you look offensively, it's hard to envision a scenario in which the Broncos are willing to pay starting center Lloyd Cushenberry III $8-10 million per season, or whatever the market will dictate he's worth. General manager George Paton is on record as saying the team believes Alex Forsyth is a starting center in the NFL and we'll see if he puts his money where his mouth is in that regard.

Adam Trautman seems like a safe bet to return, along with other "Sean Payton guys" like Michael Burton and Wil Lutz. Time will tell.

Defensively is where you have bigger question marks, the biggest being linebacker Josey Jewell and safety PJ Locke, the two best players on that list for Denver. I could see a path for both to return to Denver in 2024.


Overall, there are 14 free agents for the Broncos this year, two of which are restricted free agents. The Broncos won't have to break the bank to keep any of these guys and there aren't any franchise tag candidates available. As much as you want to build your roster depth through the NFL Draft, the Broncos can't get caught overpaying to keep these guys around if their production can be replaced through the NFL Draft.

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