10 Broncos players who will not be back next season

Which Denver Broncos players (and coaches) are gone in 2024?

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The arrival of Sean Payton has brought the Denver Broncos a stable coaching situation and the team has enjoyed arguably its best season in the post-Super Bowl 50 era, but it's also been another drama-filled season for the Denver Broncos in 2023-24.

Despite an improved record and improved play as a team overall in 2023, the Broncos are headed toward another offseason with major question marks at the quarterback position. The team will be armed with a first-round pick again for the first time since 2021. Change is coming yet again to the Denver Broncos as an organization, as they look to get back on track as a legitimate contender in the AFC West.

And there are a handful of players on the roster who won't likely be around to see that come to fruition.

1. Russell Wilson, QB

One of the most notable players who won't likely be around beyond this season is quarterback Russell Wilson. You never say never in a situation like this, but Wilson -- despite being guaranteed $39 million for 2024 -- seems like one of the most likely Broncos players to be let go in the 2024 offseason.


Well, that's a very layered question with a very layered answer. The simple answer to the question is slightly subjective, but not really arguable based on the team's decision and direction: Russell Wilson hasn't been good enough, certainly not to guarantee $37 million for 2025. And that's the conundrum the Broncos are facing right now.

Wilson hasn't played well enough to justify the team paying $37 million a year in advance when the passing attack has been one of the worst in the NFL this season, and Wilson seems to only play well out of structure or when the defense is giving the offense 3-5 extra possessions in a game.

After a dreadful 2022 season, Wilson was markedly improved in 2023 under Sean Payton. With that being said, the success of the offense never looked sustainable and clearly, the organization agreed. Wilson wasn't getting benched without permission from the ownership group (in my opinion), and the fact that we saw it happen is as telling of his standing within the organization as anything.

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