Denver Broncos: 5 best moments of Russell Wilson era

Which five moments were the best of the Russell Wilson era?

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
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The Russell Wilson era in Denver is likely coming to an end after the 2023 NFL Season. Let's look at the five best moments during this 30-game experience with Wilson under center. A ton of news broke yesterday regarding the Broncos and Russell Wilson. Wilson is heading towards the bench and the franchise is prepared to cut the QB after the season.

It was definitely a bombshell news day for Broncos Country, but I do not think many of us are actually surprised. Simply put, Wilson was not getting it done in Denver, even this year. His statistics look nice, but a lot of it are just empty calories. Wilson and the Broncos' passing game is inept. There is no intermediate phase with this unit and Wilson is someone who takes a ton of sacks.

However, there were still some great moments during the Russell Wilson era. Let's look at the top five.

Denver Broncos: 5 best moments of Russell Wilson era
5. Game-winning TD drive versus 49ers in Week 3, 2022

Remember this game? The Denver Broncos went into the game 1-1 after a win against the Houston Texans in the previous week. They were down 10-5 late in the game. If you remember, the Broncos were able to force San Francisco 49ers' QB Jimmy Garoppolo into a safety, so that's where the five points came from.

Well, this was the first iteration of the vintage Russell Wilson we saw at times during his tenure in Denver. He led a game-winning TD drive, but the two-point conversion was no good. The defense forced a late turnover and held on for an 11-10 victory in one of the more intense wins of the Russell Wilson era.

4. Game-winning TD drive versus Vikings in Week 11, 2023

Hey look, another game-winning scoring drive! During the Denver Broncos five-game win streak earlier this year, they played several close games and two of those called for the offense to lead a scoring drive late in the game. The Broncos offense was putrid for most of the game against the Vikings, but Wilson used Courtland Sutton and his RBs to lead this game-winning TD drive.

The Broncos secured a one-point victory at home, as Wilson threw a jump-ball to Sutton in the endzone. This extended the Broncos winning streak to four games.