When does Jerry Jeudy return to play the Broncos in the 2024 season?

Jerry Jeudy and the Cleveland Browns will play against Denver in Primetime
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The 2024-25 Denver Broncos schedule is officially out. One of the matchups this upcoming season is against the Cleveland Browns, one of just two primetime games the Broncos will have in 2024.

Specifically, this one will be Week 13's final game—Monday Night Football, December 2, 2024, at Empower Field, a home game for Denver. Not only is it the only home primetime game the Broncos will have, but it is an interesting matchup, for a specific reason ...

It is Jerry Jeudy's return to Denver with his new team, the Cleveland Browns.

The Denver Broncos selected Jerry Jeudy with the 15th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. He was the second wide receiver off the board behind his former Alabama teammate Henry Ruggs. Jeudy, a talented wideout from Alabama, struggled in Denver with injuries and drops. He spent four seasons in Denver and recorded the following stats ...

  • 57 games
  • 211 receptions on 356 targets
  • 3,053 yards
  • 53.56 average yards/game
  • 14.5 average yards/catch
  • 11 touchdowns
  • 4 fumbles
  • Most yards in a season: 972 in 2022

The Broncos reportedly received multiple trade offers for Jeudy at last season's trade deadline but decided to keep him. Ahead of 2024 NFL Free Agency, it was announced that the Broncos and Browns agreed on a trade which sent wide receiver Jerry Jeudy to Cleveland in exchange for two 2024 Draft picks, specifically a 5th-round (136th overall) and a 6th-round (203rd overall) pick.

Over a week after the trade happened, the Cleveland Browns announced that they were signing Jerry Jeudy to a three-year, $58 million contract extension with $41 million fully guaranteed.

The Broncos used the 203rd pick (via Cleveland) in the Zach Wilson trade, and during the Draft, they used the 5th-rounder from Cleveland and their 6th-round pick to move up and select Troy Franklin with the 102nd overall pick.