How many primetime games do the Denver Broncos have in 2024?

Do the Denver Broncos have any primetime games in 2024?
Denver Broncos
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With the 2024 NFL Schedules leaking all over the place, we have been able to key in on the Denver Broncos primetime games for the coming season. The schedule release season is certainly hard to keep track of sometimes. Wherever you look, someone is leaking a game on a certain date, whether right or wrong.

However, there are some credible leaks, and being that the 2024 NFL Schedule is now officially out, we can say for certain if the Denver Broncos are in any primetime games in the upcoming season.

How many primetime games do the Denver Broncos have in 2024?
Week 7 @ New Orleans Saints - Thursday Night Football

This was a game that was bound to be in primetime, but not because the two teams are particularly great. I'd classify both the New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos as being pretty average, but in Week 7 of the 2024 NFL Season, they'll be anything but. From 2006-2021, Sean Payton coached the Saints, won a ton of games, and even won a Super Bowl in 2009.

Payton helped restore the Saints back into relevancy, but his one-year retirement in 2022 spelled the end of his Saints career. He was traded to the Denver Broncos in January of 2023 and is now set to enter his second season with the Broncos.

Week 13 vs. Cleveland Browns - Monday Night Football

The Denver Broncos again have the luxury of playing the Cleveland Browns at home. They beat them by 17 points at home during the 2023 NFL Season, and it was quite the drubbing. The starting QBs for that game were PJ Walker and Russell Wilson, two players who are currently not with their 2023 teams.

The likely starting QBs for this game should be Bo Nix for the Broncos and Deshaun Watson for the Browns. Watson has not at all looked like his old self when he was with the Houston Texans, so if that remains the same in 2024, the Broncos might have another blowout on their hands.

This is also the last game before their extremely late Wee 14 bye, so if the Broncos are hanging around in the AFC playoff race and get a crucial win going into their bye week, imagine what the last four games of the 2024 NFL Season could be like for Denver.