Denver Broncos have another chance to get revenge on Nathaniel Hackett in 2024

Can they do it this time?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos are set to face off against the New York Jets in the 2024 NFL Season. Can they finally get proper revenge on Nathaniel Hackett? Is there a more hated figure in Broncos Country currently than Nathaniel Hackett? Sure, Russell Wilson has to be up there, but Hackett might be at the top.

Last year, the Jets traveled to Denver and bested the Broncos by 10 points, and it was an extra-brutal loss after what Sean Payton had said about the Jets and Hackett in the infamous USA Today interview he did. Well, even though the Hackett era and the interview are behind the team, there are surely still some feelings from both sides.

The Jets were missing Aaron Rodgers at this time, so the Broncos had the luxury of playing Zach Wilson, who, ironically enough, is now on the Broncos. And per Matt O'Leary, who cites another source, the Broncos and Jets play each other in Week 4.

But this time, the Broncos have to travel to MetLife to face the Jets, who surely have not forgotten about what Payton said about their team. Denver did trade for former Jets defensive end John Franklin-Myers during the 2024 NFL Draft. JFM is a plus starter who finally helps to shore up the team's DL, which Jets RB Breece Hall took advantage of last season.

The Broncos are much-improved roster-wise, but so are the Jets, which should make for an interesting game. And heck, if all goes well for both teams, they could be battling it out for some Wild Card positioning late in the season. But before the Broncos even think about the playoffs, they must be able to dispose of teams like the Jets.

Can the Denver Broncos finally need some much-needed revenge on Nathaniel Hackett?