Way too early 2024 NFL mock draft for the Denver Broncos

It's on to 2024 for the Denver Broncos.

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At this point, the Denver Broncos need to focus on the 2024 NFL Draft to rebuild their franchise. Using their own picks, let's put together a mock draft for the team. The Denver Broncos just might be 1-7 by the time they hit their bye week, and the sad part is, the offense is playing reasonably well and Russell Wilson is still one of the most efficient QBs in the league this year.

For years, the Denver Broncos had a strong defense and inept offense, and now, all of a sudden, when Sean Payton comes in and fixes the offense, the defense not only regresses but is genuinely one of the worst units the league has seen in years. The Denver Broncos truly feel cursed, don't they?

At this point, they need to do something they have not yet done but should have done years ago, and that's doing a rebuild. So, the 2024 NFL Draft would be a good place for them to start said rebuild.

Way too early 2024 NFL mock draft for the Denver Broncos

441. broncos1. . QB - Drake Maye. . . . . . 3rd

If Caleb Williams was not projected to declare for 2024, Drake Maye would easily be the best QB prospect in this draft and would have likely been the top QB prospect in this year's draft as well. Maye is 6'5", 220 pounds, and has a rocket for an arm. He can make all the throws on the field and would instantly have one of the strongest arms in the NFL.

And he's even mobile, too. Him being so big, you'd think that he could not move, but Maye feels like a genuinely complete QB prospect with few flaws. He's probably starting Week 1 in 2024 for the Denver Broncos, so Russell Wilson would need to be cut or traded.