Three veterans the Broncos should keep at the deadline

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The 2023 Broncos season has gotten to the point where it is time to discuss who should be moved at the 2023 trading deadline. As the Broncos enter their week six matchup in Kansas City at 1-4, it is a great chance for some veterans who could be looking for new homes this spring to showcase their talents against the NFL's modern juggernaut. The Broncos have several veterans on both sides of the ball who could be on the move in the coming weeks to contending teams. Here are three veterans to highlight as the Broncos head into the trading deadline.

1) Garett Bolles

Garett Bolles
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Bolles has one year left on his contract after 2023, but it is a very team-friendly year that can be easily cut, for a savings north of $10 Million. Bolles, like much of the Broncos carryovers from previous regimes, has seen nothing but losing seasons during his time in Denver. Bolles suffered a grueling leg injury early in the 2022 season, but has returned to the Broncos starting offensive line nicely and has been one of the better tackles in football so far this season. Bolles would be a welcome addition for any team that struggles on the blind side, but one team in particular could be the Bengals, especially if they are able to build off of their week five victory in Arizona.

After moving Bolles, the Broncos could look to multiple places for their next left tackle. Once the team moves on from number 72, the most ideal candidate would be rookie Alex Palczewski. While Palczewski currently sits on the IR after sustaining a substantial injury in training camp, he figures to also be the best bet on their current roster to be their long-term left tackle. After Palczewski, they could also give a look to Cam Fleming, but the backup swing tackle figures to be part of their short-term depth, and could also be on the move at the deadline if Palczewski comes back healthy in time.