Broncos must embrace idea of 'fire sale' as only way to get back to prominence

  • Any player with trade value should be for sale
  • Broncos need to let VJ go
  • George Paton is the man who should be most to blame for this mess
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The Denver Broncos have fallen to 1-4 in yet another season that was filled with promise only to get the opposite results. If all of this sounds familiar, that's because it is.

Broncos Country can be among the most optimistic fanbases in all of professional sports, but this team is not coming back from this hole. They are 1-4, they are not going to make the playoffs for an eighth-straight season and any thought of the team being a player or two away from being a contender is just nonsense.

It's a bad football team and it's going to continue to be a bad football team until drastic changes are made. Now is the time for those.

Since winning Super Bowl 50, the word "rebuild" seems to be a forbidden term at Dove Valley, but a full rebuild is what this team needs to learn to embrace. The team won't be a contender until that happens and as you read on, you will see the steps that this team needs to take to begin this rebuilding process.

Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos
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Start collecting some draft capital

The trade deadline this season is set for October 31 at 2:00 pm MT. So between now and Halloween evening, the Broncos need to be willing to deal any player that can bring even a decent return.

Teams around the league are absolutely going to be calling the Broncos as they will be seen as perhaps the biggest "seller" of any team in the league. These players have been around for some time and the team hasn't won with them, so there is no reason to be attached to them.

Every player on this list needs to be considered as a potential bargaining chip:

WR Courtland Sutton
WR Jerry Jeudy
LB Josey Jewell
OT Garett Bolles
RB Javonte Williams

In addition to those players, the Broncos also need to consider offers that could come in for the two best players on the team, Justin Simmons and Patrick Surtain II. Yes, it would be tough to part with them, but this is exactly what a fire sale is.

The 2024 NFL Draft class is a very good one, and the Broncos could re-tool their roster with a whole bunch of new players with picks that they could get for giving up the players listed above. Any good deal for these players must be considered.