Top remaining free agent should be begging Broncos to sign him for 2024 season

This top remaining free agent available should be begging to sign in Denver
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos have competition brewing all over the roster in the 2024 offseason, and one particular position of interest that doesn't get talked about a ton is the center position. Four-year starter Lloyd Cushenberry III bolted for the Tennessee Titans in free agency, leaving the Broncos with a trio of players competing for the job. Former fifth-round pick Luke Wattenberg, former seventh-round pick Alex Forsyth, and free agent Sam Mustipher have all been rotating with the starting offensive line and all seem to still be in the mix with training camp just a few weeks out.

Because of the Broncos' situation at center right now, one particular free agent should be begging for a deal in Denver. It just so happens he could be the top free agent available still (aside from Justin Simmons, of course). That free agent is former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins starter Connor Williams, a second-round pick out of Texas back in 2018.

Williams is recovering from a major knee injury suffered in Week 11 of last season, and his agent (Drew Rosenhaus) recently made it sound like he's going to be ready to go when training camp opens up for teams.

It takes two to tango, so the Broncos would have to actually have interest, but this would be a worthwhile match for both sides to explore. As far as any of us know, the Broncos don't currently have a favorite to start at the center position. How many starting center jobs are available right now across the NFL? It's not likely the Broncos are the only team with a starting job available at center, but with Williams saying he only wants to play center and not guard, he's certainly cut the list down to a slim few teams.

The Broncos would offer a situation where Williams could sign a one-year prove-it deal which would have to be reasonable for the team considering Williams is coming off of an injury, but he would also be looking at a situation where he could parlay that one-year deal into a strong multi-year deal as the Broncos just put Lloyd Cushenberry III in position to get a big-money contract from the Titans.

So, from Williams' perspective, he's looking at the Broncos and they are checking every box:

  • Starting gig is available? Check.
  • Top-tier guard play around him? Check.
  • Chance to cash in big in 2025 free agency? Check.

It would be outstanding if the Broncos could find a longer-term center solution this year one way or the other. They really only got one good year out of Lloyd Cushenberry. But it's not mandatory that one of Luke Wattenberg or Alex Forsyth ends up the starter. Those guys were late-round picks, not Day 2 picks.

From the Broncos' perspective, this type of deal would make a ton of sense as well. Williams fills arguably the offense's only remaining void. There's a possibility of a low-risk prove-it deal on a player who has graded out exceptionally well at the center position. Having a veteran center for a rookie QB could be huge. Williams offers another possible long-term solution on the offensive line if he stays healthy and plays well.

The more you think about it, the more this possible deal makes the most sense for both parties.