5 remaining free agents the Denver Broncos should sign before the 2024 season

The Denver Broncos should sign these free agents.
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If the Denver Broncos are confident that they can be a breakout team this year, they should consider making these five free agency moves. They should keep adding to field the best possible roster for 2024. Making smart offseason free agency decisions is what every single NFL team should do and is how winning teams stay winning.

If Denver does have the QB of the future in-house in Bo Nix, then they should be in the business of making frequent free agency moves to give themselves the best possible chance to win. The Denver Broncos roster is a lot better than where it was at this point last year, but could they continue to add?

Could the Denver Broncos sign these five players?

5 remaining free agents the Denver Broncos should sign before the 2024 season

1. Michael Thomas, WR

What are the Denver Broncos waiting for? With the uncertainty surrounding Courtland Sutton, the team should see if former Sean Payton draft pick and New Orleans Saint Michael Thomas can carve out a modest role on offense. Thomas' various injuries derailed what would have been a likely Hall of Fame career, as he was that good early on.

Well, unfortunately, Thomas is not close to a WR1 anymore. In 10 games with the Saints in 2023, Thomas caught 39 passes for 448 yards. Had he played all 17 games, he would have been on pace for 66 receptions and 762 yards. So even though he played in just 10 games, he was on pace for solid WR2 production.

Could Michael Thomas play 12 or 13 games for Denver in 2024? Could he catch four passes for 45 yards per game, which is what he did in 2023? You are lying to yourself if you think the Broncos would not welcome that production.