These three draft day decisions could cost Broncos GM George Paton his job

A draft without a quarterback? One would hope not...
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It is no secret that the seat of Denver Broncos general manager George Paton is hot. In fact, he might have the hottest seat of any general manager in football. Paton, who is entering the fourth year of his tenure in Denver, is yet to put a true contender on the field. The Broncos have vaguely flirted with the playoffs on a few different occasions, but their drought from postseason play is shorter than only the Jets.

Needless to say, 2024 is the most important season of Paton's tenure in Denver. His next important stopping point begins in a matter of days, with the 2024 NFL Draft. He can make a few moves to help his cause to return, but these three moves could effectively pack Paton's bags for him.

1) Trade up for a quarterback not named Caleb Williams

This one could be a colossal disaster. The driving factor behind the current situation the Broncos are in is their lack of draft capital, all of which they sent to the Seahawks for Russell Wilson. The Broncos then signed Wilson to an incredible extension, which resulted in Wilson being released before the extension ever kicked in. Ultimately, the Broncos walked themselves into an unneeded scenario where they placed their entire future into the hands of one quarterback.

A dramatic move up to number one to take Caleb Williams could be worth it. Williams is arguably the best quarterback prospect in the draft since the days of Andrew Luck and could be a game-changing addition for any team. However, moving up in the draft for any quarterback not named Williams could be a massive mistake for Denver. The Broncos need to spend considerable time rebuilding their entire roster and need to do so in most all rounds of this year's draft. Moving drastic draft capital to take the likes of a Drake Maye could be a massive mistake, and could end in Paton being shown the door in Denver.