Broncos overcome terrible Russell Wilson trade in 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft

It's time to move on from the horrendous Russell Wilson trade
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The Denver Broncos have been patient and meticulous in the 2024 offseason, at least when it comes to the quarterback position. There have been no fewer than two dozen quarterbacks changing teams this offseason already, and the Broncos have passed on every single one of them. For the time being, the Broncos seem confident in their own plan at the position, perhaps even a little too confident for the fan base, which is in the dark at this point.

Everyone wants to know what direction Sean Payton and George Paton are going to go at quarterback, and everyone is eager to find out how the Broncos are going to move on from maybe the worst trade in franchise history. For some, there's no "maybe" about it. The Russell Wilson trade was ultimately a disaster, even if the process was fine back in 2022.

How can they right the wrongs? Let's look at a 2024 mock draft scenario.

1. 8th overall (from Falcons): JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan

Broncos - Falcons trade

Yes, this trade would take the Broncos out of the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft entirely, but if you can ensure the quarterback you want, it's a price you have to be willing to pay. JJ McCarthy has been connected to the Denver Broncos for quite some time, and Denver has shown substantial interest in him through a variety of meetings. They had a formal meeting with McCarthy at the NFL Combine, they met with him at his Pro Day, and the team put McCarthy through a private workout after his pro day as well.

And then there's the juiciness of Sean Payton and McCarthy recently following each other on Twitter/X...

McCarthy would be the highest-drafted quarterback in Denver Broncos history if this were to come to fruition. The Broncos could reasonably afford to trade up to get McCarthy here as opposed to sending multiple first-round picks to move into the top four of the 2024 NFL Draft, which would be a brutally tough pill to swallow.

This is all about trusting the Sean Payton process, and getting a tremendous talent like McCarthy -- who has way more talent than he's given credit for because Michigan was a good team -- would potentially transform the future of this Broncos franchise.

There would be something refreshing about the team getting all-new uniforms after an offseason where the theme has been "out with the old", along with the team making someone the highest-drafted QB in franchise history. This is the type of move that could wash away the sting of the Russell Wilson trade.