3 unforgivable mistakes the Broncos could make in the 2024 NFL Draft

What mistakes could the Denver Broncos end up making in the 2024 NFL Draft?
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The 2024 NFL Draft is a crucial one for the Denver Broncos, and for obvious reasons. The team currently doesn't have a franchise quarterback. They are picking in the first round for the first time since 2021. Head coach Sean Payton is firmly putting his stamp all over the roster and franchise as a whole.

You really just get the impression that the Broncos can't screw this one up. They are at such a pivotal juncture as a franchise right now after so many losing seasons following Super Bowl 50.

So what mistakes do Sean Payton and George Paton need to avoid in the 2024 NFL Draft? Let's look at the top three.

1. Taking a cornerback in the 1st round

Yes, the Denver Broncos have to play against Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert twice a year. No, they don't need to invest another first-round pick at the cornerback position. In fact, I would be a little off-put if the Broncos even used their 76th overall pick (3rd round) at the cornerback position.


The reasoning is very simple. The Broncos have used premium NFL Draft real estate on cornerbacks dating back to 2020. They've got to start developing these players properly.

2020: Michael Ojemudia, 3rd round
2021: Pat Surtain II, 1st round
2022: Damarri Mathis, 4th round (115th overall)
2023: Riley Moss, 3rd roun

In four consecutive drafts, the Broncos have used a top 100 pick at the cornerback position with the exception of Damarri Mathis, who barely missed the cut in 2022 and was considered a top 100 player by multiple outlets.

Especially given the investment of trading up for Riley Moss last year, taking another top-100 cornerback this year would be an indictment on the scouting department and the coaching staff. It's easy to say "You can never have too many corners" in today's NFL, which is a fair point, but that doesn't mean you can never spend too much premium NFL Draft capital on them. The Broncos need to roll with the guys they've got and pass on 1st-round corners in 2024.