Sean Payton talks about 70-20 loss against the Miami Dolphins

No movement in the coaching staff, and players despite historic loss, according to Sean Payton.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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The Denver Broncos lost their third consecutive game of the 2023-24 season in a terrible and historic way. It was a 70-20 loss against the Miami Dolphins. Yes, it looks like a Madden score, but it is the reality for the Broncos, as they lost by 50 points, and now, they have an 0-3 win-loss record.

Head coach Sean Payton looked pissed on Sunday after the game, especially when a reporter asked about the loss being a historic one not only for the franchise, but for the NFL ...

On Monday, after all the emotions of the historic loss were gone, head coach Sean Payton had a virtual meeting with the media, and he said some interesting things regarding changes within the coaching staff and players aftere the brutal loss at Hard Rock Stadium.

Something that Sean said, and Broncos fans are not happy with, is that the Broncos will not be firing defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. The Broncos defense has allowed 17, 35, and 70 points under Joseph this season. The unit has only four sacks, one interception, and no forced fumbles in the three games, besides the 122 points allowed. The Broncos defense has also been one of the most penalized units in the league. Against the Raiders, in week 1, they had six defensive penalties. Against the Commanders, in week 2, they had six defensive penalties. Finally, against the Dolphins, in week 3, they had five defensive penalties. 17 total defensive penalties in three games so far.

Payton was not asked specifically about Joseph, but was asked if there will be any firings or moves in the coaching staff following the 70-20 loss at Miami, and he said No.

During the week 3 game, the Miami Dolphins offense scored ten touchdowns on the Broncos' defense, the defense has been struggling and Joseph is the guy who must be fired. The defense struggled in the first two games of the season, and in the third, no words about it, as they allowed 70 points, and their best cornerback (Pat Surtain II), was not even covering Tyreek Hill, most of the game it was Damrri Mathis. There was no pressure on Tua, 0 sacks, and many more defensive mistakes.

Sean Payton keeps insisting with the details, and he mentioned it once again in Monday's conference call with the media...

The Broncos will be facing the 0-3 Chicago Bears, whose offense has 15.67 average points per game in week 4 on the road, and Nathaniel Hackett's offense, the 1-2 Jets with 14 average points per game in week 5 at home. If the defense struggles against these bottom-tier offenses, Joseph should be fired. Chicago has 750 total offensive yards, 5 touchdowns, 13 sacks allowed, and 4 field goals in their first three games. The Jets have 675 total offensive yards, 4 touchdowns, 9 sacks allowed, and 5 field goals in their first three games. Denver's defense must take advantage and step up.

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