Enough is enough - the Denver Broncos need to fire Vance Joseph

It's time for Vance Joseph to be fired a second time by the Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Loren Elliott/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos' defense in Week 3 gave the single worst performance in team history, and arguably in NFL history. Most of the blame falls on Vance Joseph. I sat in front of the television with my lovely girlfriend and we both witnessed some unfortunate history. Honestly, after a while, I was rooting for the Miami Dolphins to keep running the score up.

The Denver Broncos hiring Vance Joseph after Gary Kubiak stepped down following the 2016 season was a puzzling move. At the time, Joseph had just one year of experience as a DC in the NFL and simply didn't appear to have enough qualifications to be hired as a HC in the NFL. For whatever reason, John Elway and Joe Ellis decided that Joseph was the man for the job, and his two years as head coach of the Broncos were a disaster.

The team won just 11 games in two seasons. Joseph then served as the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals for four seasons in 2019-2022. He then hopped back on with Denver to serve as the Broncos' DC in 2023. I can see why Sean Payton hired Joseph; him having experience as a head coach and four more seasons as a DC does seem to be plenty enough qualifications to serve as a DC for another team.

However, it's clear after Week 3 especially that Joseph is not equipped to be a DC in the NFL. Think of it this way; the Denver Broncos fielded almost the exact same starting lineup in 2022 with Ejiro Evero as the DC, and they were one of the best units in the NFL that year.


In 2023, the Broncos' defense is easily the worst. One could argue that the Broncos' performance on defense in Week 3 was the worst in NFL history. Miami gained 726 total yards including 350+ passing and rushing yards. They scored 10 total touchdowns and had six players with at least 60 scrimmage yards. Miami gained 31 first downs and had just one punt. Honestly, this was like the Broncos' defense giving up three games worth of yards and points inside of one.

It's clear that Denver does not have as much talent on the team as some of us originally thought, but the offense is clearly more efficient than it was last year. The defense is the worst in the NFL. Vance Joseph needs to be fired.

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