Seahawks side of Russell Wilson trade dominates Monday Night Football

The Seahawks' side of the Russell Wilson trade was incredible on Monday Night Football

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos are undoubtedly excited right now with what they have gotten so far in 2023 from quarterback Russell Wilson, who looks all the way back after a really bad 2022 season. Just to make sure you know that's not just an arbitrary feeling, Wilson ranks 2nd in the NFL this season in passing touchdowns and touchdown percentage, trailing only the Vikings' Kirk Cousins in each category. He ranked 26th in this category last season at 3.3 percent. This season, Russ's TD percentage is up at 6.8 percent. Brock Purdy led the league last year at 6.9 percent.

There's no doubt that Wilson is better, but it's been a hot minute since we checked in on the results of the blockbuster trade made by the Broncos and Seahawks from Seattle's side of things. Not that it really matters for the Denver Broncos, but it's interesting to follow guys who were previously in Denver, and it's also interesting to see how those draft picks are working out for Seattle.

As of Monday night against the New York Giants, it turns out -- very well.

How about Drew Lock to Noah Fant, just like old times?

Lock had to come in for some relief work in this one as Geno Smith was limping around. He threw just six passes but this one was nearly a touchdown. Actually, it was called a touchdown live, but after review, Fant was clearly down at the one. Lock helped orchestrate a touchdown drive, doing his backup QB duties flawlessly. He also added an 11-yard run.

And thanks to that big catch and run, Noah Fant wound up leading the Seahawks in receiving for this game with just two receptions but 63 yards.

But what about the draft picks? One, in particular, really stood out in this game for the Seahawks and it was 2023 fifth-overall pick Devon Witherspoon. This was arguably the toughest pill to swallow from the Broncos' end in the Russell Wilson trade, giving up a top-five pick after the horrendous year Russ and the Broncos had in 2023.

Witherspoon wasn't necessarily causing Denver Broncos fans to look on with envy during the 2023 NFL Draft because the Broncos already have one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL right now in Pat Surtain II, but he had himself a whale of a game on Monday night against the Giants.

Devon Witherspoon vs. Giants on MNF

  • INT TD
  • 2 sacks
  • 2 TFL
  • 3 QB hits
  • 7 total tackles

Witherspoon was him on Monday night against the New York Giants, making play after play for the Seattle defense. His pick-six really sealed the game for Seattle, whose offense sort of stalled after the touchdown drive to put them up 14-3. The pick-six swung the game from potentially 14-10 to 21-3 and ultimately led to the Seahawks coasting to victory.

The Seahawks also got contributions late from Boye Mafe, who notched a sack on Daniel Jones. Mafe was acquired by Seattle with one of the second-round picks Denver sent in the Russell Wilson trade. Derick Hall, another second-round pick the Seahawks acquired from Denver, notched two QB hits in the game.


He wasn't part of the trade, but former Broncos defensive tackle Dre'Mont Jones also had an impressive tackle for loss against the Giants.

In all, that Monday night game for the Seahawks felt like it was heavy on contributions from the Denver Broncos, whether it was former Broncos making plays or picks the Seahawks acquired from Denver in the Russell Wilson blockbuster really coming through.

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