6 Denver Broncos players returning soon could keep team hot

Denver Broncos could be getting some reinforcements at just the right time

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The Denver Broncos may have to do some substantial roster shuffling in the coming days with a wide variety of players coming back from injuries or close to coming back from them. The Broncos completed a huge comeback win against the Chicago Bears on Sunday to get their first win of the season and hopefully capture some positive momentum going forward.

Although issues certainly remain for the Broncos after what we saw against the Bears, there are players on the roster who can help, but simply haven't been able to lately (or at all this season). Thankfully for Denver, most of them are on the defensive side of the ball.

It's not guaranteed that all of these players will come back at once. In fact, that's definitely not going to happen. With that being said, there are at least six players who are close to a return to the field that could help the Denver Broncos stay hot, even if they end up coming back just one at a time in the next couple of games. Let's take a look at which players we can expect to see heping this Broncos roster again very soon.

6 Denver Broncos players who could be coming back soon from injuries

1. Justin Simmons, safety

Losing Caden Sterns to a season-ending injury was bad enough for the Denver Broncos, but losing Justin Simmons has proven to be rather detrimental to this team over the last couple of weeks. After the Broncos gave up a bunch of yards and big plays in Week 2 against the Commanders, many fans wondered sarcastically (out loud) what kind of difference it was even going to really make to not have Simmons when he was ruled out due to injury.

Well, the Broncos have given up about 1,200 yards of offense the last two weeks, and both Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Fields have carved up the secondary. Maybe Justin Simmons makes more of a difference than anyone really thinks.

Having Simmons back will be huge for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he's the best turnover creator on the team.

2. PJ Locke, safety

At this point, getting PJ Locke back would be a gift from the football gods for the Denver Broncos. With all due respect to the task at hand for Delarrin Turner-Yell the last handful of weeks, having PJ Locke back in the lineup will be massive for Denver.

Locke looked like he was on his way to extended action in the lineup last season as well before injury, and at a minimum, he upgrades the special teams and can play all over the defensive formation. Locke is a weapon for the defense and will be a tremendous boost to the secondary.