3 overreactions from Denver Broncos win vs. Bears in Week 4

Major overreactions from Denver Broncos win vs. Bears
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The Denver Broncos got a desperately needed win on Sunday afternoon against the Chicago Bears, in relatively impressive fashion. Impressive from the standpoint that, the Broncos were able to overcome a 28-7 lead by the Chicago Bears, who racked up 471 total yards of offense in the game.

It was about as unlikely as you will see in today's NFL with the Broncos ripping off 24 unanswered points in the second half of the game, including a defensive touchdown, to beat Chicago. Now that the Broncos are finally in the win column this season, we have something positive to overreact to instead of something so negative.

After losing to the Dolphins 70-20 in Week 3, this win certainly feels good, even if it did come against arguably the (other) worst team in the NFL. Let's overreact together.

3 overreactions from Denver Broncos Week 4 win

1. The Broncos are BACK

I'm not one to pour cold water on a win, but I think we need to ease up on thinking the Denver Broncos are officially back after this win against the Chicago Bears. The Bears are not a good team overall, and they absolutely torched the Denver Broncos defense to the tune of 471 total yards of offense and four touchdowns from quarterback Justin Fields.

It was an outstanding performance from Fields for the majority of the game, and a really ugly performance from the Denver defense for much of the game as well. Fields only had one incomplete pass in the entire first half, and it came on a failed Hail Mary attempt.

The Broncos were getting embarrassed as of the end of the first half with Chicago scoring 21 unanswered points in the second quarter.

Although I think it's premature to say the Broncos are "back", I also think it would be foolish to think this game could not be a launching off point for the team. I do believe a come-from-behind win like this can be a catalyst for some good, but the Broncos have to build off of the actually good things we saw from the defense in the second half of the game.