Rookie QB Bo Nix must do this one thing to be successful with the Denver Broncos

What will Bo Nix personally need to achieve in order to succeed in Denver in his rookie year?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into his first NFL season, Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Bo Nix will be tasked with relatively high expectations of helping propel the team to its first playoff appearance in over eight years. While anything is possible, there will more than likely be numerous obstacles and moments of growing pains in his rookie campaign that could potentially hinder the team's playoff chances along the way. However, Bo Nix and the Broncos could be this season's version of C.J. Stroud and the Houston Texans in 2023.

But for Denver's young offense led by Nix to be serious playoff contenders so soon, there will have to be a number of scenarios that play out in their favor. What will be the most simple, yet important task for Nix in his rookie season?


As simple and vague as it may seem, the rookie 24-year-old quarterback will need to soak in as much as possible and as quickly as possible. This does not mean that he will be a perfect quarterback come playoff time, however, it will be very beneficial to his future and the team's success in 2024 if he were to start Week 1 in Seattle. While it would certainly be a tough first NFL game on the road against the Seahawks, there will be plenty of moments for Nix to begin his learning curve at the professional level.

Starting Jarrett Stidham Week 1 does not give your offense the utmost potential or even a high ceiling to be a legitimate contender in 2024. This does not necessarily mean that Bo Nix will do that for you, however, the team will at least begin his development process as an NFL quarterback and he will be able to start learning from his in-game mistakes sooner rather than later. Not to mention, if Stidham were to open the season as the team's starter, at some point come late season, Nix would have the crucial pressure of attempting to win out to save the team's playoff hopes.


It would be the most logical approach to start Nix as soon as possible and begin his development early, especially considering the team's current roster does not appear to be ready to win a Super Bowl. Luckily for Nix fans, all signs seem to point in that direction.

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