3 reasons why rookie QB Bo Nix will succeed with the Denver Broncos

Why will Bo Nix be a success in Denver despite contrary opinions?
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos and rookie quarterback Bo Nix enter the 2024 season with relatively low expectations of mediocrity due to the team's perceived decline in certain areas of the roster. However, NFL fans could be in for a surprise given a few reasons.

Nix was paired with the most favorable landing spot in the NFL draft and for that reason, the Broncos could be a more competitive team in the AFC than some may choose to believe. While most expect his rookie season to be nothing more than a "learning curve", perhaps Nix could be closer to Offensive Rookie of the Year than "average starting quarterback".

3 reasons why Bo Nix will succeed with the Denver Broncos:

1. Skilled offensive line

Football always starts in the trenches on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. For a rookie quarterback who will likely be starting Week 1 for his offense, the performance and stability of his offensive line will be very critical to the success and development of his career. Luckily for Nix, Denver rostered a top-10 offensive line in 2023 in both pass protection and run blocking.

Despite losing former starting center Lloyd Cushenberry to free agency, the coaching staff seems to be fairly high on former seventh-round pick Alex Forsyth. With one of the more talented position coaches in the AFC, offensive line coach Zach Strief, the unit will likely not take a step back and only grow together considering the established continuity and familiar chemistry. Paired with his impressive ability to get the ball out of his hands promptly, Nix is in the perfect situation to capitalize off his opportunities sooner rather than later which will help speed up his development.

2. Offensive structure

The offensive scheme and overall structure that will be placed around Nix and his supporting cast will immensely aid him in his first season in the NFL. It is no secret that Broncos head coach Sean Payton does an exceptional job of putting his quarterbacks in the best positions to be successful. Take Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Jameis Winston, Teddy Bridgewater, and many others for example. Payton gets the most out of his quarterback talent. His version of the West Coast offensive scheme will be a perfect match for Nix.

3. Coaching staff

The most obvious of the three reasons is head coach Sean Payton and the other pieces around him on the staff. Quarterbacks coach Davis Webb does not receive nearly enough credit for how he mentored and coached Russell Wilson in 2023 to help him understand the offensive structure.


With legendary coach Sean Payton, Nix will have the luxury and resources of learning from a very experienced coaching staff. This is extremely vital for any rookie quarterback entering the pros and looking to make an immediate impact.

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