Randy Gregory another dud on George Paton's long list of failures as Broncos' GM

To say this signing was a disaster would be a total understatement

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The Denver Broncos cut Randy Gregory on Wednesday, and this was just another failed move on George Paton's long list of failures as the GM of the team. Man, George Paton really hit this one out of the park, didn't he? This was an odd free agent signing from the beginning. He inked Gregory to a five-year, $70 million deal last year.

Gregory seemed close to re-signing with the Dallas Cowboys, but apparently, there was something funky in that contract offer that Gregory did not like, so he packed up his bags and moved west to Denver. Well, I think it would have been better if Gregory had re-signed with the Cowboys because I'm not sure Gregory had a single notable play during his 10-game stint in Denver.

I think it was pretty obvious that Randy Gregory was not going to be on Denver in 2024, but cutting him in season and absorbing a good bit of dead cap shows that not only is Sean Payton not messing around, but Gregory's impact on the team was virtually nothing.

I also think this is just yet another failed move by George Paton, who is beginning to rack those up as GM of the Denver Broncos. His free agency has been kind of awful, and remember, Sean Payton apparently has GM authority in Denver, so I do not think we can count the 2023 free agency class for Paton.

He swung and missed big-time on Ronald Darby and Randy Gregory, who appeared in a combined 26 games for the Denver Broncos. He invested $10 million a year for DJ Jones, and I'm not sure we've heard his name called yet this year. Payton signed a nice slot cornerback in K'Waun Williams, but he missed three games last year and has not yet played this year.

As a drafter, his resume really isn't all that great. Right now, I think he has just two "hits" in the NFL Draft in Patrick Surtain II and Quinn Meinerz. Sure, some of the younger players are still trying to develop and prove themselves, but Paton hasn't exactly hit any draft out of the park.


His decision to hire Nathaniel Hackett was also a huge mistake, and I think as of now, the Russell Wilson trade was also a mistake. Overall, the entire roster has gotten a bit worse since Paton inherited it following the 2020 NFL season.

Where are the Denver Broncos appreciably better? Where has George Paton positively left his mark?

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