WR-needy NFC team would be a perfect destination for Jerry Jeudy

The Denver Broncos might be in the market to move a WR, and there could be an NFC team that makes sense to facilitate a trade.

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
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According to reports, the Carolina Panthers are in the market for someone notable at wide receiver. Perhaps Broncos' WR Jerry Jeudy would interest them? Jordan Schultz is reporting that the NFC team is looking for a difference-maker at WR to assist in the development of Bryce Young.

Well, at this moment, there may not be a ton of options for them. Depending on how you look at it, you could argue that guys like Davante Adams, Tee Higgins, and.... who else?

You see what I mean? Firstly, I'm not even sure Cincinnati would trade their third-best player in Higgins. They still have the same roster core that made a Super Bowl two years ago, so I just don't think Higgins is going to be on the move. Davante Adams would be the most likely "big-time" WR to be traded, right? The only downside here is that Adams turns 31 at the end of the season, so he'd not be a long-term solution.

If you really think about it, the Denver Broncos being involved in the WR trade market might actually make sense, especially if they can't get to three or four wins by the time of the bye week. Now, you might be saying to yourself; "Lou, you're crazy, Jerry Jeudy isn't the type of WR that the Panthers would want!"

And you very well may be right, but let's see who they currently have on their WR depth chart:

-DJ Chark Jr
-Adam Thielen
-Jonathan Mingo

Those are the starters that they have listed on their website. I mean, it's filled with WR3s if we're being honest. While Jeudy has had his fair share of ups and downs in Denver, he's much more talented than anything the Carolina Panthers currently have, and Jeudy still being 24 years old and having two more years of team control might be something Carolina is interested in.

This possibility gets even more exciting if you consider that the Panthers seem solely focused on making sure this Bryce Young situation works out. If that is the case, perhaps the Denver Broncos can use Jerry Jeudy in a trade package to land someone on the Panthers' defense.

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What if I were to propose that the Denver Broncos sent Jerry Jeudy and a mid-round pick to the Carolina Panthers for Brian Burns? To me, that'd be a deal that I don't think Denver could pass up. Jerry Jeudy might not be the most exciting name that the Panthers would want, but he might make the most sense logistically.