Pros and cons of Broncos moving on from Russell Wilson in 2024

Could the Denver Broncos cut or even trade Russell Wilson in 2024?

Russell Wilson
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Con of moving on from Russell Wilson in 2024: Erasing potential to build on 2023 success

I think at the very least, the Denver Broncos have a great chance to finish with a winning record, and given just how bad the Broncos have been for years, finishing with a winning record is a great start to build on for 2024 and beyond. This becomes even truer if the Broncos make the playoffs and win a playoff game.

If the Broncos were to cut or trade Russell Wilson, I think the team totally erases the potential to build on the 2023 success. Sure, the defense would probably still be in good hands if Vance Joseph returns in 2024, but removing the starting quarterback from the scenario forces everyone on the offense to adapt and reset with a new passer, who likely won't be as good as Russell Wilson.

Pro of moving on from Russell Wilson in 2024: Trading QB could net the team draft capital and decent cap relief

The Denver Broncos are not going to get nearly the haul of picks in a potential Russell Wilson trade that they had to give up to get him in 2022. However, depending on how Wilson finishes the season and what kind of interest other teams would have, I do think there's a possibility that a team who is urgently needing success would come calling.

Teams like the Atlanta Falcons or Pittsburgh Steelers come to mind initially. In this scenario, the Broncos could get some draft capital back in the trade and would get decent enough cap relief. Trading Wilson is obviously much easier financially than cutting him. According to Over the Cap, trading Russell Wilson in 2024 as a post-June 1st designation has the team saving $17 million on their cap number in 2024 and having to eat $18.4 million in dead money.

If the team cuts Wilson in 2024, they have to eat $35.4 million in dead money and would not save anything on the 2024 number. I have no idea what the asking price would be for Wilson. My best guess would be a couple of mid-round picks.


Maybe a third and a fourth-rounder? That might be a fair enough deal for both sides. Anyway, moving on from Russell Wilson in 2024 could net the team some cap relief and draft capital.

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