3 changes Broncos must make to clinch a playoff spot

The Broncos have a chance to win double-digit games this year, and they'll need to make some changes to do so.

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
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The Denver Broncos must make these three huge changes if they hope to make the playoffs for the first time since they won the Super Bowl in 2015. I think if you told us that the Broncos would be 7-6 after their 1-5 start, we'd have all taken that. Sean Payton has clearly left his mark with the Broncos in year one, and the team has already surpassed their win total from 2022.

Well, the team has four games, and I think they have to at least go 3-1 to have a shot. Getting to 9-8 probably isn't good enough, but it might give them a chance. In all likelihood, the Broncos need to finish 10-7 or 11-6. I do think there are very winnable games left on the schedule. The Broncos simply need to not shoot themselves in the foot like they did in Week 13 versus the Texans.

They also should make these three big changes if they hope to make the playoffs in 2023.

Change No. 1: Get Jerry Jeudy the ball more at the line of scrimmage

Russell Wilson clearly made an effort to get Jerry Jeudy the ball more in Week 14, and three plays stuck out as ones that Jeudy needed to make. Wilson threw two deep balls to Jeudy, and both hit him right in the hands. Well Jeudy could not come down with the ball in either instance. And then in the second half, he had what appeared to be a touchdown catch, but he could not get his second foot down in bounds. For all the complaining that we did that Jeudy isn't getting the ball more, Jeudy also doesn't take advantage of those chances.

In Week 13, there were a few instances in which Jeudy was wide open and Wilson simply missed him. I do think a fine solution to this problem is getting Jerry Jeudy the ball closer to the line of scrimmage. He's got insane agility and is able to make defenders miss with ease. I don't think he's much of a down-field wide receiver, so maybe getting him the ball more at the LOS would yield stronger results.

The last video I posted from our very own Jordan Lopez just ripped my heart out. Jerry Jeudy was wide open on second and goal in the middle of the field. He had a walk-in touchdown, and Wilson missed him. I'm not sure how Sean Payton goes about his film breakdowns with the offense, but you have to believe that he's ripped into his QB about missing Jerry Jeudy.

it does feel like Wilson locks onto Courtland Sutton, and if Sutton isn't open, he takes off and runs or takes a sack. The Broncos need to get a second consistent receiving threat going during this last stretch of games, and that person is Jerry Jeudy.