Proposed trade during 2024 NFL Draft lands Broncos No. 1 overall pick

Would this trade package to move up for the No. 1 overall pick be a fair deal for the Denver Broncos to make?

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The Denver Broncos can trade up to the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft until they can't. Would this trade package make sense for the team? In an article for Bear Goggles On, FanSided's Chicago Bears website, writer Peter Jurich put together a trade package that would see the Broncos and Bears shake up the NFL for years to come.

Here's what Jurich had to say:

"The Broncos should qualify as a team interested in trading up for the first overall pick, especially when considering Sean Payton's comments regarding Caleb Williams on The Herd in November 2022, where he called the USC quarterback a "generational player", and presented the player as such a strong prospect that "clubs [will] begin to lose to try to put themselves in a position [to draft him]". After starting the season 1-5, the Broncos could have potentially tanked to secure a top draft pick but instead went on an impressive hot streak to end the season."

Peter Jurich - Bear Goggles On

It's well-documented that Sean Payton thinks highly of Caleb Williams. Just listen to this mini-segment back in November of 2022 when Payton was not coaching in the NFL. The Denver Broncos are quite a ways away from the No. 1 overall pick but never say never. The team would have to trade a good bit of draft picks and players to be able to move up.

And obviously, the Broncos need the Chicago Bears to be willing to move down. If the Bears were to accept an offer to trade down during the NFL Draft, that could signal to an extent that they have some form of faith in Justin Fields. And I do think Chicago would be silly to do just that. Justin Fields is nowhere near the player that Caleb Williams is.

But anyway, this is the trade offer that Jurich proposed. Here is what the Broncos would offer for the No. 1 pick in this proposal:

-2024 1st-round pick (12th overall)
-2025 1st-round pick
-2025 2nd-round pick
-2026 1st-round pick
-2027 2nd-round pick
-WR Courtland Sutton

So yeah, it'd be a lot. Denver would have to trade two future first-rounders and two future second-rounders to the Chicago Bears for the No.1 overall pick. This seems very expensive, but folks, I don't think Jurich is far off from what it would take to acquire that top pick. It's not like Denver has the No. 5 pick and just has to move up a few slots.

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They have to move up a whopping 11 slots in the 2024 NFL Draft, and they have to offer a strong enough package over other teams who have a desire to move up. But as we all know, the QB position is the most important one in sports, and the Broncos have not had one for a decade. The team's quickest way to get back into contention is to draft a franchise passer, and Caleb Williams seems to be one of the best QB prospects in years.