What are the possibilities for the Denver Broncos next season?

Denver Broncos v New York Giants
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What is the Broncos best possible record? What is their worst possible record? These are questions that Bronco fans are asking each other. This team is one of the more mysterious teams in the NFL at the moment. There are tons of questions that need to be answered. We will not know any of these answers until the season starts. However, we can assume with caution on how this team will perform during the regular season. Let's dive into it.

Let's start with some positivity here. What is the best case scenario for the Broncos this season? The answer is pretty simple, Russell Wilson has a bounce back year and turns back into his old self. Sean Payton turning changing the culture of this team back to a winning franchise. These two things might come hand in hand, which would be great to see. We know the defense will be one of the better units in the league already. If the offense is clicking this upcoming season, these Broncos can make some noise.

Russell Wilson is the Broncos x-factor. The team will have success if he is playing well. As we saw last year, the team will not be successful if the offense is lacking. Russell Wilson does not need to have a crazy statical season to have a good season. He just needs to do his job, which many people belive he will this year. This should be a perfect system for Wilson, there will be a ton of play action's that could lead to big plays that is set up by the running game. The wide receivers should be ready for a big season.

The best possible record the Broncos can have this season is 13-4 in my opinion. This is if everything goes right with this team. This is also hoping that the team is not riddled with injuries once again. If the Broncos finish the season 13-4, this means that Russell Wilson and the offense finally figured things out.

Now, lets say things do NOT go well. This means Wilson struggled, and other things did not go in Denver's favor. This could mean disaster in the Broncos camp. Depending on how bad the offense is, Russell Wilson could be out of Denver. It also means that George Paton could be out of Denver. Sean Payton might want to fully rebuild this offense, which could mean trading some of the receivers.

If everything goes wrong in Denver, it probably means they finish last in the AFC West once again. In my opinion the worst possible record the Broncos could have this season is 6-11. I do not belive this will happen, I have a good feeling about this season for the Broncos.

The more likely out of the two is the 13-4 season. I find it hard to believe that we will see Wilson struggle like he did last season. Sean Payton is the guy to fix any offensive issue. A better guess on the Broncos record is 10-7. All of these questions will be answered when the season gets underway in a few months.

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