5 moves to make the Denver Broncos Super Bowl LVIII favorites

The Denver Broncos could be dubbed Super Bowl favorites if they made just a couple of moves that are still out there in free agency or via trade.
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The Denver Broncos may not seem to have great odds at winning a title in the 2023 NFL season but plenty of crazy things have happened over the course of NFL history. The Broncos have a Super Bowl-winning head coach and a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. They've had one of the best defenses in the league over the last handful of years.

If they can just get to the playoffs (easier said than done), who knows what could happen?

Making it to the dance is obviously just part of the battle. The Denver Broncos have a talented enough roster to get there, but are there still moves this team needs to make to become true contenders? Are there moves that could realistically be made to even consider this team Super Bowl favorites.

Alright, let's settle down for a second. Let's also look at the moves that could make it happen.

5 moves to make the Denver Broncos Super Bowl LVIII favorites

1. Sign free agent RB Dalvin Cook

The Denver Broncos were rumored (reported) as a team that might have an interest in signing former Minnesota Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook once the team released him. Those rumors have since been shot down, but I personally still think it would be a good idea if the Broncos explored this possibility.

Dalvin Cook is obviously a proven back in the NFL who could legitimize your running game and play all three downs for you. Sean Payton has been an absolute legend when it comes to maximizing versatile offensive talent, so why would we expect anything less with Dalvin Cook in his system?

Cook passed a physical, so he's not dealing with lingering shoulder issues at the moment. He's healthy, ready to run, and you never know what kind of good a change of scenery can do for some players. He's run for over 1,000 yards in four consecutive seasons, and he's racked up 46 total touchdowns in that timeframe.