NFL Network commentator makes ridiculous statement about Denver Broncos

Gregg Rosenthal, who works for the NFL Network, made an absolutely silly and ridiculous statement about the 2023 Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos
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Gregg Rosenthal, who frequently appears on NFL Network during the regular season, made an ill-informed statement about the 2023 Denver Broncos. People need to start being held accountable for the things that they say. Gregg Rosenthal embarrassed himself on Twitter (or X, whatever you prefer to call it) on Wednesday with this ridiculous tweet:

Do I think the Denver Broncos have the best roster in the NFL? No, not at all. But do I think this roster is better than most? Oh, I sure do. Not only is this wrong for a few reasons, but it's also very likely that Rosenthal has not only not attended any sort of Broncos' offseason activity at all in 2023, but also probably just glanced at the roster on paper and decided that was going to be the basis of his so-called "analysis."

Someone like Rosenthal has a huge platform and likely does very well for himself, but when these national talking heads make statements like this, it's hard to not roll your eyes. Rosenthal claims that the secondary is the only "above-average" position on the Broncos' roster, which is insane.

Let's begin and rebut this silly claim by Gregg Rosenthal.

Firstly, the offense.

I'd argue the offensive line is certainly above-average. Various OL rankings have pegged the Broncos' unit in the top half of the league, and according to PFF at least, the Broncos have two top-25 tackles and a top-12 guard. I'm not sure how that isn't above average when you consider there are 64 starting tackles and 64 starting guards in the NFL.

The wide receiver room has been snake-bitten by injuries in recent years, but the duo of Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton certainly boast more talent than quite a few units. Adding Marvin Mims Jr. to the mix, who was one of the best WR prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft, certainly shoves this unit to an above-average category.

The Broncos' running back room is also two deep. Javonte Williams led the entire NFL in broken tackles in 2021, his rookie year, with 31. He was also splitting carries with Melvin Gordon. Am I outrageous to think that Javonte Williams is one of the 12 best running backs in football? No, not at all, and I think we'll see how good he is in 2023.

Samaje Perine has also carved out a career as a solid third-down RB and is a great pass protector as well, which is a struggle for many RBs.

Defensively, the Broncos' secondary is certainly one of the best in the entire NFL. Their ILB tandem of Josey Jewell and Alex Singleton combined for 291 total tackles in 2022. Alex Singleton ranked 5th in the NFL in tackles and Josey Jewell ranked 19th. They also added seven QB hits, 2.5 sacks, and three forced fumbles as a duo. I would certainly say that this unit is above average across the NFL, and I think the evidence is there.

I won't necessarily say that the DL is above average. However, Zach Allen had 20 QB hits last year and DJ Jones is one of the best run stuffers in the NFL, so the potential is there. I'd say the same thing about the pass rushers on the outside. Randy Gregory and Frank Clark are two solid NFL players, but haven't always been the most consistent. Jonathon Cooper and Nik Bonitto have both enjoyed stellar offseasons and look to be starters in the making.


While Denver may not have a top-flight pass-rushing unit, the unit appears to be four players deep, and I do think can be above average in 2023. With these last two positional units, only time will tell, but the arrow is certainly pointing up for these positions and frankly, the entire team.

What Gregg Rosenthal missed here is just about the entire thing. He clearly has not attended any sort of Broncos' practice or preseason game. He probably just looked at the roster on paper and decided to spew nonsense.

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