Former Denver Broncos players are finding new homes in the NFL

Several players that did not make the Denver Broncos' final 53-man roster have found teams to bring them in for the upcoming season.

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos have put forth their 53-man roster and formed their 16-player practice squad to head into the 2023 NFL season with. Unfortunately, that meant some players had to leave their orange and blue uniforms behind and look to continue their playing careers on a different path.

Fortunately, a small handful of players have been able to do just that.

The following players have signed with a new NFL team in one capacity or another. Some of these players could someday play against the Broncos now.

Brett Maher, Kicker, Los Angeles Rams: Brett Maher actually ended up kicking the ball pretty well for the Broncos this summer despite being a questionable signing after he left the Dallas Cowboys. But the idea of being able to obtain New Orleans Saints kicker Wil Lutz for a seventh-round pick was too enticing for Sean Payton.

Lutz will now be the Broncos' kicker which meant there was no room for Maher. But that worked out for the Los Angeles Rams, who waived undrafted kicker Tanner Brown and replaced him with the veteran Maher.

Montrell Washinton, Wide Receiver, Kansas City Chiefs: It's good to see former fifth-round pick Montrell Washington find a new home, but the fact that it's in Kansas City stings a little bit.

Washington looked like he would have a bright future with the Broncos but the coaching philosophy of Payton, who prefers a big-bodied wide receiver, left little room for him to make it.

He now joins the practice squad in Kansas City where if he can ever get on the field as a wide receiver, he'll be catching passes from Patrick Mahomes.

Tony Jones, Jr., Running Back, New Orleans Saints: It certainly seems as though the Broncos and Saints have a pipeline that they just keep trading players through at this point, but Jones, who actually performed well for the Broncos this offseason, now goes back to New Orleans where he spent three seasons from 2020-22.

He was added to the team's practice squad.

Henry Byrd, Offensive Lineman, Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings seem to like what the Broncos have as offensive line castoffs this year as they also signed Christian DiLauro when the team dropped him earlier this offseason.

Byrd will join the Vikings practice squad and despite being an undrafted player, certainly has the chops to appear in regular-season action at some point.

Isaiah Prince, Offensive Tackle, Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons went and grabbed Isaiah Prince, who was among the Broncos' first cuts as they trimmed down to 53 players. But the Falcons didn't go the practice squad route, Prince was brought right onto the active roster to serve as one of the team's swing tackles, a role the Broncos didn't see him as fit for.

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Prince has six career starts and at just 26 years old, could have plenty of football in front of him. Atlanta is taking a shot on his potential upside.