NFL insider says impossible Broncos QB move may now be possible

NFL insider said something interesting regarding the Broncos' quarterback situation ... could Kirk Cousins be a realistic option for Denver?

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On Friday, the NFL announced that the salary cap for the 2024-25 season will increase by $31.4 million (up to $255.4 million total), which means that if the Denver Broncos decide to move on from Russell Wilson, their cap space will not drop as it was projected to. The Broncos' cap space will not be too damaged if they end up deciding to cut Russell Wilson.

With that being said, and with the NFL free agency getting closer, NFL insider Tom Pelissero joined the Rich Eisen Show and mentioned something very, very interesting regarding the Denver Broncos and their situation at quarterback ...

Tom mentions that the Broncos will try to restructure Russell Wilson's contract, and if they are not able, they cut/trade him with his actual contract, there is a free agent quarterback that could be in the Broncos mix to be their next guy.

This free agent quarterback that Pelissero is talking about is four-time Pro Bowler Kirk Cousins.

Kirk is scheduled to become a free agent following a tough season in Minnesota, where he suffered a season-ending Achilles injury in Week 8 of the 2023-24 season. The Vikings re-signed him to a one-year deal ahead of this past season and could test free agency if Minnesota wants to go in another direction.

Cousins is a 12-year veteran with a lot of experience, a guy the Broncos tried to sign before he signed with the Minnesota Vikings back in 2018.

Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall said on his podcast that as one of his five bold predictions for free agency Denver will sign Cousins.

Can Kirk finally be the guy for the Broncos? If the Broncos end up signing Kirk Cousins, a first-round quarterback might not be the pick for the Broncos, especially with their pick just outside the top 10 and multiple quarterback-needy teams ahead of them. With the lack of Draft capital, maybe not trading up for a quarterback could be the best option.

It seemed like Sean Payton did not want Russell Wilson as his quarterback when he joined the Broncos, now that the team is likely moving on from Wilson, Payton will be able to get 'his guy' and maybe it is Kirk Cousins.


Yes, Kirk is 35, but he still has years left to play at a very high level. That is why getting his successor in the Draft, but not in the first round might be a very good option for the Broncos. Something similar to what teams like the Packers have done before (Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love). Spencer Rattler or Michael Pratt could be very good options to sit and learn behind Kirk Cousins if they want to go that way.

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