NFL insider offers disastrous comparison for Broncos QB Bo Nix

Would this be a fair comparison for new Broncos QB, Bo Nix?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

James Palmer, in a recent appearance on DNVR Broncos, spilled the beans on what two offensive coordinators had to say about Bo Nix. Buckle up, Broncos Country. If this were to come true for Bo Nix, would the investment end up paying off for the Broncos? Well, time will only tell, and Bo Nix is his own person, so he's got his own NFL career ahead of him.

However, one helpful thing that the NFL world does during draft season is offering an NFL comparison for players. I find this especially helpful for QBs. Lance Zierlein of has his NFL comparison for Bo Nix at Tony Romo, which is awesome. Tony Romo was a very good QB and did work with Sean Payton back when the two were in Dallas.

Well, James Palmer went on DNVR Broncos, and had this to say about what two NFL offensive coordinators told him about Nix:

Derek Carr?

Is that who the Denver Broncos just drafted with the 12th pick? I hope not. To be fair, Derek Carr was a serious problem during the first few years of his NFL career, and he was on Raiders teams that constantly had the worst defenses in the league, so his W-L record is not something that is all on him.

Recently, though, Carr hasn't proved to be more than a serviceable player, and if this is who Bo Nix ends up being, the Broncos might be best moving on before it's too late. I would not disagree with the Derek Carr comparison, though. Carr, Kirk Cousins, and Tony Romo all kind of relate to Bo Nix's game in a way.

I think all of us in Broncos Country are rightfully a bit worried about Nix, and part of that is because how scarred we've gotten over the last seven-ish years having to watch inept QB play. The Broncos don't have a franchise QB until Nix can prove that he is one, so while many are encouraged, the verdict is very much still out.