Final proof surfaces that Broncos wanted Bo Nix, not JJ McCarthy

In case you needed any proof that the Broncos didn't "panic draft" Bo Nix
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Ali Gradischer/GettyImages

Bo Nix was the Denver Broncos' top target at the quarterback position in the 2024 NFL Draft. Not Drake Maye of North Carolina, and not JJ McCarthy of Michigan. There were tons of rumors leading up to the 2024 Draft (as you would expect) about the Broncos having substantial interest in JJ McCarthy.

One primary source of the McCarthy rumors was, ironically, a Minnesota Vikings play-by-play announcer -- Paul Allen. Back on March 1, we correctly identified his report as bogus, because there was no way the Broncos were going to telegraph their true intentions in this draft.

Even though everyone could see that Bo Nix was the ideal fit for Sean Payton...

Some people out there, especially Minnesota Vikings fans and analysts, have taken to Twitter/X to have a good laugh at the expense of Sean Payton and the Broncos. They took offense to the idea that Sean Payton and the Broncos "baited" the Vikings into moving up one spot with the Jets for JJ McCarthy, when the Broncos never wanted McCarthy in the first place. The unfortunate reality for Vikings fans is that they legitimately tried and failed to trade up for Drake Maye, and the way they are coming after the Broncos and Sean Payton, trying to shame Denver for drafting Bo Nix, is really just a coping mechanism.

In case you needed any further proof that the Broncos didn't "panic-draft" Bo Nix, or in case you needed proof that he was their top target all along, the New York Jets have actually released a video that provides said proof.

Nowhere in that video is there any mention of the Denver Broncos calling Joe Douglas (GM of the Jets) and trying to make a better offer than what the Vikings are giving. There was no competition for the Jets' pick at 10th overall from the Denver Broncos' side of things.

The irony of Vikings fans accusing the Broncos of panic-drafting someone should be lost on no one here.

After the draft, coaches and GMs say a lot of things. Everyone plays the PR game to try and make it seem like they got "their guys" and they couldn't believe that every player they selected was available at their respective picks. It's a little disingenuous when you hear it from every GM around the league, but people accusing Sean Payton and the Broncos for settling on Bo Nix as opposed to targeting him are obviously wrong.

There's now hard evidence to prove it.