New workout video leaves Broncos fans very excited for Russell Wilson in 2023

Recently released workout video from a throwing session by QB Russell Wilson leaves fans hopeful for the 2023 season.
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson / Rob Carr/GettyImages

With Denver Broncos' training camp soon approaching, coaches and players are preparing for the hard-fought battles that are expected to produce a ton of competition over the course of the summer. One of those players recently being none other than the acclaimed "hardest worker" on the team in QB Russell Wilson.

Despite the continuous criticism and beat-downs from the media over the course of the offseason, Wilson seems to have done a good job of blocking out the unnecessary noise and doing what he does best: work. Wilson recently made an appearance at the University of Colorado Boulder's Folsom Field to get a workout in with fellow Broncos WRs such as Courtland Sutton and Marquez Callaway. New Buffaloes head coach and NFL legend Deion Sanders was also in the building as well as his son Shedeur Sanders who met Wilson at the workout.

Not only did Russell Wilson get an ordinary workout in at CU's campus, but he looked very great while doing it. In the video, Wilson looked very sharp with his mechanics and accuracy but most importantly, his body and mobility look very ready for the upcoming season. In the throwing session, Wilson was placing the ball exactly where it needed to go, despite often being on the move with simulated pressure in his face. He even looked very sharp during the reactionary drills where he had to switch from left to right on his throwing platforms -- very encouraging stuff.

While this workout is simply just a workout after all, Wilson did not release any footage of himself looking this sharp and accurate during any workouts last year, especially during the 2022 season's film. Being in a game situation with multiple 300-pound defensive linemen running full speed at him is obviously miles different from this workout session, however, it is important to recognize the mild improvements in his field presence and mobility featured in these clips. It certainly has been a while since we have seen this slimmed-down version of Wilson making off-balance throws of this stature.

With an improved offensive line and a much more proven offensive staff around Russell Wilson, he truly has no reason to fail in 2023 and is showing that by taking advantage of his time to regain his confidence and reshape his body to bring back bits and pieces of what was working so well for him during his time in Seattle. Having a multitude of injuries all around his body most definitely hurt his chances of success in 2022 however, in this clip, Wilson looks better and healthier than ever and is poised for a remarkable comeback season in 2023 as he looks to reclaim his elite status.

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