Justin Simmons slowly but surely making Broncos franchise history

Simmons continues to steadily ascend franchise record rankings

Denver Broncos
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After delivering yet another outstanding defensive performance that resulted in an unexpected road victory for the Broncos, Safety Justin Simmons now finds himself leading the NFL with 30 interceptions since entering the league in 2016.

"I’m really blessed to be able to play with the guys I play with, I’m always going to give credit to them because there’s nothing I do, (in my opinion), that’s solely, uniquely special. I think this is a great team game, and I’ve benefitted from playing alongside great guys in great schemes. I’m just really thankful for them and excited to keep this thing rolling."

Justin Simmons (via Broncos PR)

Beginning the season's first leg on track to rank among the NFL's worst, the Broncos' defensive unit has since regained its momentum, forcing 9 turnovers in the last two games against formidable opponents in the Chiefs and Bills.

Justin Simmons, serving as the team captain and defensive leader, hasn't merely voiced the need for change; he's exemplified it through his on-field performance. Contributing significantly to the team's surprising victories over the Chiefs and Bills, Simmons boasts an impressive stat sheet: two interceptions, two passes defensed, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovery.

His latest interception, (30th) places him in a tie for seventh place in Broncos' franchise history, alongside the esteemed safety and Ring of Famer, Dennis Smith. As a former two-time second-team All-Pro, Simmons understands the imperative for the Broncos to sustain their disruptive defensive performance, offering the team an opportunity to secure their first four-game winning streak since 2016.

"Takeaways come in bunches. Once you get that one, mindset wise, you shift into getting another one. Not being content with just the one. It’s a mentality. We know that’s a big reason why we’ve been winning games, and we have to find ways to continue to generate that."

Justin Simmons


Simmons will look to keep his interception streak alive against a shifty Josh Dobbs in a Sunday Night Football matchup against the Minnesota Vikings this weekend.

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