JJ Watt and Pat McAfee talk about the Broncos QB situation/news

Are the Broncos benching Russ to move on from him? Is he playing at a bad level? JJ Watt speaks on the Pat McAfee Show about the news.

J.J. Watt, Russell Wilson
J.J. Watt, Russell Wilson / Scott Halleran/GettyImages

Former NFL punter Pat McAfee always brings active players, retired players, coaches, analysts, and more guests to his famous show, the "Pat McAfee Show", to talk about different things going on around the NFL and other sports leagues.

On Wednesday, the guest on his show was former Texans and Cardinals defensive end, and future Hall of Famer JJ Watt, and with the news on Denver benching Russell Wilson to start Jarrett Stidham despite still being in the race to win the AFC West division, they both, plus the other members of the show had an interesting conversation about it.

McAfee and Watt discussed the situation, and something interesting from it is something that we all probably agree on... Wilson is not playing that badly, he is having a better season compared to last year, but probably it is the best time to move on.

Denver can afford to move on from Russell Wilson thanks to the Walter-Penner ownership group, despite the big contract extension he got last year.

Benching him means that his time with the Broncos is likely over. It is important to mention that it does not necessarily mean it is over, since it was reported as a "football decision".

Payton wants an offensive improvement for the final two games of the season, and for him, Jarrett Stidham, who was signed in free agency, is the best option to put the team in a position to win. The Broncos can still make the playoffs and can still win the AFC West division.

JJ Watt said the following on McAfee's show about the Denver Broncos quarterback situation.

""I'm very interested to see what the Broncos do at Quarterback next year ... ""

JJ Watt on the Pat McAfee Show

This is something that not only Watt, but all Broncos Country wants to know. It is going to be a fun offseason, and it could probably mean that the ownership group has full trust in Sean Payton and who he wants as the Broncos starting quarterback going forward ... it might be a rookie, it might be a veteran free agent, or maybe they pull up a trade for a veteran under contract.

The Broncos still have two games left in the season, maybe the new QB1, Jarrett Stidham, shows that he can be a starting quarterback in this league.

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